Housing New Zealand

Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons - 1:00 to 3:00pm

Pics from the inside of one of the new homes on corner of Ben Rarere Ave and Aldershot St.  House was ‘dressed’ for the public opening.

Housing New Zealand has a deep connection with Aranui and the eastern suburbs of Christchurch.


The social housing provider has more than 500 homes in the suburb and is building around 100 new ones as part of tis contribution tot he rebuild, recovery and regeneration of the community after the earthquakes.  It consulted closely with the Aranui community over its plans for these new warm, dry homes and received praise from the Aranui Community Trust for its efforts to engage and listen to the community’s feedback.

Housing New Zealand staff work out of the Aranui Heartlands office every week:

  • Senior Tenancy Manager Darryl Freeman every Tuesday between 9:30am – until 4pm
  • Tenancy Manager Tamsyn Edwards every Thursday from 9:30am – until 4pm