Budgeting Service

By appointment

To make an appointment to visit the Budgeting advisor in Aranui you must arrange an appointment time by contacting Kingdom Resources on: 332 1700.

Our trained volunteer budget advisors and staff can give you the tools to help you to manage your money better.

Our help can include:

  • confirming your current income and checking that you are receiving any government entitlements
  • exploring ways to increase income
  • helping you plan your spending
  • helping you manage your bank accounts
  • establishing a debt repayment plan
  • ongoing support and encouragement

For some of us, traditional Budget Advice on its own is not enough as debt repayments use up too much of our income. In these situations there is a variety of solutions including:

  • trying to help you reduce debt by negotiating with creditors
  • possible access to interest free loans
  • exploring and working through insolvency options (Summary Instalment Order, No Asset Procedure or Bankruptcy)