Free Az Holiday Program

Once a year for one week of the School Holiday’s the Aranui Community Trust with the support from the Christchurch City Council and in the past Neighborhood Rotary host the FREE AZ Holiday program for Children within the Aranui community and surrounding suburbs.

The FREE AZ Holiday Program is different from other School Holiday programs in the sense of attendance. You can not register or pay to  be part of the FREE AZ Holiday program. The children are chosen from their Schools to attend the FREE AZ Holiday program.

The selection process is decided during terms 1 and term 2, and is based on how a child is working and living the School values to their best ability. The FREE AZ Holiday program is a celebration of each child’s achievements in school and within their community.

With fun being a focus their is also a life skills element to the program with good manners and polite social skills being rewarded.

A big thanks goes out to Garden Green Grocers on Pages Road and Flip Out, Bromley 2 local community business’s who see the value in being involved with their community.