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The new Aranui Wainoni Community Centre has replaced the Aranui Wainoni Family Centre and the Aranui Community Hall in Breezes Road which were both demolished due to earthquake damage.



Please note the following:

  • A $400 bond will be required for evening social bookings.
  • A non-refundable $50 booking fee to be paid on all social functions over $150.00.
  • Friday and Saturday evening social bookings will be charged a set rate of $380.00 from 6pm to midnight.

Prices are subject to review.

Bookings for this facility can be made by ringing the Christchurch City Council on: 941 8999.

Sports Hall  –  Closes 12 midnight

Community Group                          $13.00 per hour

Self Employed Tutor                      $25.00 per hour

Community Events/Fundraisers    $60.00 per hour

Private Social Functions                $73.00 per hour

Commercial Events/Seminars        $95.30 per hour

Large Meeting Room  –  Closes 12 midnight

Community Group                           $10.00 per hour

Self Employed Tutor                        $17.00 per hour

Private Social Functions                  $28.00 per hour

Commercial Events / Seminars        $57.00 per hour

Small Meeting Room  –  Closes 12 midnight

Community Group                             $10.00 per hour

Self Employed Tutor                         $17.00 per hour

Private Social Functions                   $28.00 per hour

Commercial Events / Seminars         $57.00 per hour